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La 10ème Conférence Scientifique sur le VIH, organisée par l’International AIDS Society (IAS), s’est tenue du 21 au 24 juillet 2019 à Mexico. Retrouvez ci-dessous le programme ainsi que les slides associées à chaque session.

Lundi 22 juillet 2019

Pleniere Plenary session
Session New prevention products in the pipeline
Session New and old players in HIV replication
Session Substance use and HIV among young people
Session ART: Trials and tribulations
Session Helping and hindering: Policies shaping the HIV response worldwide
Session Challenges ahead: Applying lessons and making inroads
Session HIV transcription: The sound of silence  
Session 4G: Gaming, Grindr and getting the goods
Session What is the cure, why do we need it and how do we get there?  
Session New developments in paediatric and adolescent care
Session Joint forces: Civil society and political action to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals for HIV
Session Substance use, mental health and key populations
Session It’s complicated: PrEP in practice
Session Co-morbidities: No organ left behind
Session Getting to the #HeartOfStigma: New innovations to measure stigma

Mardi 23 juillet

Plénière Plenary session
Session Hide and seek: Reservoirs and strategies to target them
Session ART for women of reproductive age
Session HIV prevention: The final frontiers
Session Prioritizing services for transgender populations
Session Research by and for whom? Community engagement in research
Session Data leading the way: Designing responses based on the numbers
Session Mucosal tissues: What’s ‘crobes got to do with it?
Session Must do better: Addressing the failures of SRH HIV integration
Session Chasing waterfalls: Cascades of care
Session Next-generation trial design in HIV prevention
Session Gender matters: How gender-transformative approaches are changing the HIV response
Session HIV vaccines: Light at the end of the tunnel?
Session Prevention is more than PrEP
Session  It’s the costs, stupid: Why financial and economic policies matter
Session Tuberculosis, opportunistic mycosis and other co-infections
Session HIV remission and control trials
Session 50 shades of reservoirs
Session Start stop restart: Supporting effective PrEP use

Mercredi 24 juillet

Plénière Plenary session
Session Sexual and reproductive health and HIV prevention 
Session Eradicating stigma: Moving from what we know to what to do next 
Session Paediatric HIV infection: It’s never too early
Session Same-day ART, one size fits all?
Session Comprehensive HIV response in humanitarian action
Session Digital engagement: The future of HIV prevention?
Session Engaging providers to improve PrEP access
Session Resistance: We must care!
Session Care of HIV in the setting of complex humanitarian emergencies in the Americas
Session PrEP, prevent, test: Increasing young key populations’ uptake of HIV prevention and testing services
Session Self-testing: Going the final mile
Session #RecognizeAndOptimize: Pediatrics and adolescent HIV
Session Fast tracking health responses among people who use drugs: Mexico’s response
Session Ageing successfully with controlled HIV: The importance of non-communicable diseases
Session Political will to get to zero infections
Session Deadly partners: HIV and co-infections
Session Mission remission: Challenge accepted
Session Rapporteur report back and closing session

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